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Fundraising Tips

The Sleepout for Soul is fast approaching, and we need your help to raise $165,000 this June 14! Are you ready to get fundraising?

Asking people for money can be daunting. But when it’s for a good (tax deductible) cause, you have nothing to be afraid of! Realistically, what’s the worst that can happen? You’re likely faced with 2 scenarios:

  • They’ll apologise and won’t be able to assist you financially.
  • or... THEY WILL SAY YES!!!!

There’s no harm in asking, and especially before the end of financial year, it’s a great incentive for individuals (or any business people you may know) to be generous knowing that it will come in handy with the upcoming tax return.

We’ve compiled a combination of digital and traditional methods to help you work out ways to fundraise for your sleepout this June 14!

Use social media

If you have social media accounts, sharing with your online friends what you’re about to undertake and why, is a great way to reach a large audience with minimal effort.

Your fundraising page will allow you to 'share' your fundraising page with friends, so that everyone who sees it will have a direct link to support you. This makes this method super easy!

This will also give you the chance to share why you’re passionate about the cause that you are partaking in, and hopefully encourage a few people to join in with you!

Send an email

If you don’t have social media, or perhaps you have some contacts who you’re not connected to on social media, you could send a direct email to specific people, asking if they are in a position to make a tax deductible donation.

You can add in a link to Soul Cafe’s website, where they can watch the Sleepout video and learn more about what happens!

Print out Sleepout resources

You have the option to download the 2019 Sleepout resources.

Print the resources to use when you have conversations with people about your participation in the Sleepout. It will be a lot easier to have something physical in your hand as you explain to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, exactly what you’re doing and why!

Download the resources

Get a fundraising tin and leave it in the office

If you’d like a tin to assist with gold-coin donations for your Sleepout, you can get one from Soul Cafe, or get creative and make your own!

Send out an email to your colleagues and let them know that if they have any spare change over the next few weeks, they can put it towards a good cause. Make sure that you also include in your email that they can make larger tax-deductible donations via your online fundraising page.

We have a Participant Kit available to you, so that you can record offline donations. If you haven't got one and think this would be beneficial, you can pick one up from Soul Cafe today!

Send out a group text to those you trust

The statistics are telling us that we check our mobile phones every 6 minutes! How crazy is that?

The benefit of texting someone is because you know that they’ll definitely see it. Emails and social media posts can potentially be missed, but you’ll have direct access to the individual when you contact them via their mobiles.

Always smile

Be excited and passionate as you tell people about the Sleepout and how you’ll be helping make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable and needy in your local city. Let your smile be contagious as they get on board the cause with you!

So what are you waiting for?

Let's get fundraising for an amazing cause! You've got this!